Thursday, June 24, 2010

L'Apertif Dressage Show

On May 23rd, I took Falcon out for his 1st show of the season. The primary goal for Falcon this season is to get him some show mileage and get him experienced to a full season of showing so that his owner, Alanna Danna, can show him successfully in 2011. I also have an outside goal of qualifying Falcon for the Championships at Training Level and 1st Level.

Unlike last year I did not use any schooling shows for Falcon as tune-ups and instead focused on the training at home.

Falcon performed well. He was a little excited in the tests and I rode him conservatively so that we would have positive experiences and then go for more in the upcoming shows. The conservative riding did not produce as high of scores that Falcon is capable of but we got the job we wanted done accomplished.

We were 3rd in our Training Level class and then rode a pretty good 1-4 test, winning the test.

Up next for Falcon, Neo and Claudius too, is the Beaujolais Dressage Show.