Friday, January 22, 2010

For Sale: 3rd Level Schoolmaster

Nick is an elegant 16.1h Oldenburg gelding shown through 3rd Level.

He is soft to sit, has a good mouth, but does require a rider with confidence. He would be perfect for a amateur who has background in dressage and is looking for a horse to be successful on as they move up the levels. Or for a Junior/Young Rider with experience looking to have success at the medium levels.

Nick is being sold as he is too big for his current owner.

Included in the sale price is a custom (for Nick) Hulsebos saddle.

In August of 2009 Nick incurred a soft tissue injury in his upper left hindquarter. He has been back in work since October and has been in full professional training since December. He is schooling all of the 3rd Level movements and feels absolutely fantastic.

Nick was shown last year at Training/First Level by his owner (scoring in the 60's)and once by Matt Eagan at Third Level Test 3, scoring a 64.8% (with only riding the horse twice a week).

Nick is a very sweet horse, with no vices. He hauls, bathes, clips and can also go on the trails.

Watch a video of Nick:

Matt Eagan

Friday, January 8, 2010

MW Dressage

Wendy Meyers and I are excited to launch MW Dressage. We offer premium full service training, instruction and sales. Check us out at:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to you!

With the last 3 weeks being very easy for the horses, and for me too (I was taking 2 days off a week!), it's time to start easing back into full work with the focus on the 2010 season.

The training will be pretty simple for the next four weeks as all we'll be focusing on throughness, suppleness, straightness, and any other weakness/limiter in each specific horse. For the most part, I'll be working the horses a little deep, with a lot, and I mean a lot, of transitions. A couple of the horses will be starting out with basic walk/halt transitions to develop a better half-halt and sit, while other horses we'll be emphasizing doing simple changes of lead in the canter. While the overall picture is the same for each horse, the approach will be different.

The goal for each horse by the end of January is to have each moving extremely well and with a better use of their hindend and backs, so that when we start in on February we can start emphasizing more lateral movements, but still keep the emphasis on skill building. By taking this approach I am hoping that by the end of winter we'll be having some fun horses to watch train!

Thanks for reading!