Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Show Season

The 2009 show season is just upon us and here's where I'll be this summer:

May 9-10: Heart of the Valley Dressage Show, Devonwood Equestrian Center . I will be showing Claudius 4-1 and 4-2.

May 17: L'Apertif Dressage Show, Bridle Trails. I will be showing Falcon T-3 and T-4, and coaching Sharon and Sabu, and Anne and Fox.

May 23-24: Clinic at Mandolin Dressage, Gardnerville NV. I will be traveling to my friend's farm to conduct a two day clinic.

June 12-14: Beaujolais Dressage Show, Donida Farm. I will be showing Neo PSG, Claudius PSG and coaching Cindy and Claudius at 3-1.

June 19-21: June Whidbey Show, Whidbey Equestrian Center. I will be showing Sabu and Nick at 3-3 on Friday and then coaching Sharon and Sabu; and Deborah and Nick the rest of the weekend.

July 10-12: Champagne Classic, Donida Farm. TBA

July 17-19: Devonwood Summer Show, Devonwood Equestrian Center. I will be showing Neo at PSG and I-1, Claudius at PSG and coaching Sharon and Sabu and Deborah and Nick.

August 14-16: Whidbey August Show, Whidbey Equestrian Center. I will be shoiwng Neo at PSG and I-1, Claudius at PSG (maybe I-1) and the rest of the lineup to be determined.

September 25-27. USDF Region 6 Championships, Devonwood Equestrian Center.

This schedule of course will probably be changed as things progress.

Last month I took Falcon and Cinzano to a schooling show for their first show experiences at Bridle Trails. For their first "show" I couldn't be happier. Falcon was able to check his nerves for each test and put together two tests that were quite respectable and Cinzano also overcame some nerves and put in a solid test.

Thanks for reading!