Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Just A Rib (But it hurts like hell)

The past week and a half we have been experiencing some "wonderful" winter weather here in the Seattle area. Looking outside my window I can see about 10 inches on the ground. I cannot remember when I grew up here, such a long sustained period of sub freezing temperatures and snow storms.

Because of the snow, and more importantly the cold weather, I haven't been able to work my guys as normal. Most of this is because the footing froze at both arenas. So that has limited the work down to hand walking for a couple of days. In terms of their respective training programs this down time isn't a big deal for the horses as it's only December. It will only take a week or so to be back on track.

However................yesterday, I took out one of my young horses and began to lunge him first to make sure that he wasn't too high when I got on him.

Being cooped up, he immediately tried to get down and roll. I got him going and then 4 steps later he's down on the ground. I got over to him quickly, at his side, so he wouldn't roll on the saddle. Well he popped up and then popped me in the chest with one of his hind legs. I don't know how he pivoted so quickly and got me because I was not in a danger spot when I was at his side.

Regardless, I now have a broken rib (8th rib) on my right side. Frankly, I'm pretty fortunate that it is just a rib and that he didn't kick me higher up in my face, or on the my left chest (heart) or lower and cause an injury to an organ.

So.......I'm laid up here for a little while. It honestly hurts more than I expected. I hope to get out to the farms tomorrow and at least teach a lesson or two. I'm already a little stir crazy laying down all day. It's up in the air on when I'll get back on a horse. Basically, when I feel comfortable enough pain wise. I'm hoping sometime next week.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clinic at Mandloin Dressage

A little late on this post: over the last weekend of November, I traveled down to Gardnerville, NV to teach a clinic at Mandolin Dressage. It was a very successful weekend for everyone!! In late March I went to the Rancho Murrieta Horse Show with some of these guys. It was a real treat to work with them again and more importantly to see the progress they had made over the past 6 months.

Below are some pictures from the 3 days: